Whether through the planning of a “Greater Rockaway” or our continual efforts to keep the coast clean and accessible for the public to enjoy, RISE is always looking for new ways to help improve the health and well-being of our community.


Art Under the Elevated 2023: Art in the Open Air

Public work artist commissions to activate the space under and adjacent to the elevated A train tracks at Beach 60th Street in Far Rockaway (Queens), New York

"Greater Rockaway" Coastal Enhancement Plan

Focused on the restoration of the dunes along the Atlantic shoreline of the Rockaway peninsula to prioritize local voices, biodiversity, and long-term stewardship

Rockaway Honeyworks/Beekeeping

There's a new honey in town, creating opportunities for local youth and community members to take part in this new beekeeping venture.

Community Visioning in Edgemere

An inclusive and equitable community visioning process for parcels of land recently purchased as part of New York City’s effort to protect the coastal community of Edgemere from flooding

Art Under the Elevated - Art Commissions

Since 2017, RISE has commissioned a number of artists to host temporary art exhibitions to activate the public space under and adjacent to the elevated A-train tracks in the Rockaways.

Wellness Way (aka Project Underway)

A pedestrian corridor of demapped roadway that serves as a hub for local events focused on improving the health and well-being of our community.

RISE Center

A community hub for emerging artists and scientists alike, to connect with local residents and visitors to the Rockaways through programming and public art exhibitions

Rockspot NYC

Explore the best kept secrets of the Rockaways with sites designated by locals as "must see" destinations

Documentary: Rockaway Stories

RISE collected stories from across the Rockaway peninsula to document what happened in local neighborhoods affected by Superstorm Sandy and to build on a collaborative vision for future rebuilding efforts in the community

Rockaway Mental Health Resource Guide

Check out Resource Guide for Mental Health & Wellness in the Rockaways to learn about services in our community and to reduce social stigma among people in need.

CREATE FAR ROCK Arts Initiative

A community-wide initiative to grow the capacity of arts and culture on the eastern end of the Rockaway peninsula.

Greater Rockaway Vision Plan 2020


Greater Rockaway Waterfront Vision 2020 is a community-driven plan that has brought together local insight to enhance eleven miles of one of New York City's greatest coastal resources.