Living Classroom

Engaging youth through hands-on learning is one of the most successful means of fostering an appreciation of the natural environment. 

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Working with scientists, naturalists, and environmental leaders, this program challenges students to think about their waterfront here in Rockaway as living, breathing eco-system. 

Prior to the pandemic, LIVING CLASSROOM was a STEM educational science program for K-12 schools in and around the Rockaway Peninsula, to utilize the natural shoreline for hands-on experiential learning. The program offered teachers the opportunity to bring their classes to the RISE Center for engaging workshops that enable students to explore challenging social and environmental issues and foster an appreciation for nature.

Today, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, teachers are struggling to serve their students through social distancing and virtual learning. 

In response, RISE is offering all public schools in the Rockaway Peninsula, NYC with FREE virtual classes with RISE educators as well as FREE access to the Living Classroom curricula for their teachers through our private login.

There are two ways to participate in Living Classroom:
1. Schedule virtual lessons for K-12 classes led by a RISE educator, with hands-on activities for students to do from home or together in their classroom. 
2. Open access to Living Classroom lesson plans and educational materials for teachers to provide hand-on classes for their students to participate in from home. 

Any teachers interested in registering for the program or access to these materials should submit the registration form below and someone will follow up with you shortly.

Any private schools, charters or schools outside the Rockaway Peninsula are welcome to join for a minimal fee. Contact us for rates.

Class Overview:
  • Each class is 45 minutes in length.
  • Classes are conducted during the regular school day (virtually) from our headquarters at the RISE Center, or along the shoreline of the Rockaway Peninsula.
  • Program fees are specific to size of class and school district. Contact us for pricing. 

Workshops address a variety of topics specifically designed for Pre-K-12 classes with lessons focused on marine science, climate change, urban farming, healthy cooking, recycling, water safety, and more! Each workshop involves hands-on activities to actively engage learners and meets the NYS Department of Education common core standards. 

To learn more about this program or to schedule a Living Classroom Workshop, please contact us at: