Living Classroom

Engaging youth through hands-on learning is one of the most successful means of fostering an appreciation of the natural environment. 

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Living Classroom is a PreK-6 grade STEM science program, that brings the great outdoors into the classroom; utilizing the natural shoreline for hands-on experiential learning.

Workshops address a variety of topics specifically designed for PreK-6th grade classes. Each workshop involves hands-on activities to actively engage learners and meets the NYS Department of Education common core standards. 
  • All classes are 45 minutes and taught by experienced RISE educators. 
  • All classes are conducted during the regular school day, either virtually or at our headquarters at the RISE Center, situated a block from the Atlantic Ocean and Jamaica Bay where there is an abundance of natural resources to explore.
  • Programming is FREE to all Rockaway Public Schools. Minimum Program Fee for private schools, charters or public schools, outside the Rockaway Peninsula. (See rates below). 

Classes are offered Tuesdays & Wednesdays  9AM-11AM. 
Available “virtually” OR in-person at the RISE Center.
Teachers can use our calendar to register below!

RISE is currently offering the following classes both Virtually & In-Person at RISE:

Class#1: Starting a Garden

This class will focus on the basics of ecosystem biology and how to create a thriving small garden. The class will include all the supplies needed to create a mason jar garden. Students will be able to watch the growth of their sprouts in their classrooms. Book now!

Class#2: Birds of the Rockaways
This class will focus on the basic of local birds and what makes native shorebirds so important to our ecosystem. The class includes all supplies for students to build and decorate their own small bird house. Book now!

Class#3: The Water Cycle & Our Water Systems
This class will focus on the basics of the water and nutrient cycle. It will also highlight the specific challenges faced by the water systems in the Rockaways (both Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean). Book now!

Includes instruction and class supplies for each student
Costs are the same for virtual or in-person.
For virtual classes: Teachers will be required to arrange to have class supplies picked up in advance. 

  • Pricing for public schools in the Rockaways is free!
  • Pricing for public schools outside the Rockaways will be $10/student for a maximum of 25 students or flat rate of $250
  • Pricing for private school groups will be $15/student with a maximum of 25 students or a flat rate of $375
  • Home school groups can call for pricing!