About Us

About Us

Our Purpose

We inspire all generations of Rockaway residents to care for their environment and community. We provide civic engagement and youth development programs that advance social equity and the physical well-being of our vibrant coastal neighborhood in Queens, New York.

Our History

RISE was established in 2005 and has led initiatives created “by the community, for the community.” We see potential in places and people that are often overlooked or marginalized. From our first community-directed planning effort, which led to the creation of the 28-acre Waterfront Park on a lot that had been an illegal dumping ground, to our work transforming a dilapidated firehouse in the heart of Far Rockaway into a hub for community programming, to Project Underway, our effort to repurpose an abandoned stretch of roadway into a safe place to walk, ride bikes, and recreate public space, RISE brings residents together to improve the built and natural environment.


2005 photo 2005 photo


Rockaway Waterfront Alliance (RWA) founded

2007 photo 2007 photo


RWA hosts "Living Classroom” environmental science program in public schools


2011 photo 2011 photo


Rockaway Waterfront PLANYC Park officially opens

2012 photo 2012 photo


Superstorm Sandy devastates the Rockaways

2015 photo 2015 photo


“Project Underway” Transit Equity Initiative established

2016 photo 2016 photo


RISE Center opens to the public

2017 photo 2017 photo


Rockaways' first mixed-income CSA, RISE Farm Share, established

2019 photo 2019 photo


Rockaway Waterfront Alliance rebranded RISE (Rockaway Initiative for Sustainability and Equity)

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Our Team

From naturalists to filmmakers, educators to designers, our staff connects experts in various professions to the local Rockaway community.

Jeanne DuPont photo

Jeanne DuPont

Founder and Executive Director

Juvie Anne Alfeche photo

Juvie Anne Alfeche

Public Programs Coordinator

Alana Danieu photo

Alana Danieu

Programs Manager

Lea Kramberg photo

Lea Kramberg

Youth Programs Coordinator

Stephanie Castillo Samoy photo

Stephanie Castillo Samoy

Director of Operations & Communications

Fanthasia Adams photo

Fanthasia Adams

Shore Corps Leader

Janilia Etienne photo

Janilia Etienne

Shore Corps Leader

Natasha Herman photo

Natasha Herman

Shore Corps Leader

Caitrin Hunter photo

Caitrin Hunter

Shore Corps Leader

Blossom Jaurey photo

Blossom Jaurey

Shore Corps Leader

Aidan Lane photo

Aidan Lane

Shore Corps Leader

Olivia Lisena photo

Olivia Lisena

Shore Corps Leader

Marco Panday photo

Marco Panday

Shore Corps Leader

Kelsie Pye photo

Kelsie Pye

Shore Corps Leader

Sadiqah Quadery photo

Sadiqah Quadery

Shore Corps Leader

Juliana Rodas photo

Juliana Rodas

Shore Corps Leader

Massimo Valentino photo

Massimo Valentino

Shore Corps Leader

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