RISE Stewardship Events

Environmental stewardship events are a great way to meet others and bring people together to improve the neighborhood through clean ups or shoreline plantings and learn to appreciate the natural environs of the Rockaway Peninsula.

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RISE has brought people together through community stewardship events to establish youth and community-led projects focused on building a natural protective buffer for shoreline protection in Queens, New York.

Community stewardship events are a great way to volunteer, meet others and make a positive difference in the Rockaway community. RISE hosts regular dune plantings and clean ups to offer volunteer opportunities for local residents, and youth to be involved in protecting our shoreline through community-led initiatives like the Rockaway Dune Restoration Project.

This shoreline restoration project, to date, has employed over 250 local youth in the Shore Corps Program and represents a critical step in the rebuilding of the Rockaways in a Post-Sandy environment. An important aspect of the project involves creating a secondary dune of non-invasive, native salt-tolerant trees, shrubs and grasses along the Arverne shoreline. Local community residents and schoolchildren have played a key role in driving this shoreline conservation effort in an area that suffered greatly during Superstorm Sandy.

We have events planned throughout the year, so check our events calendar for dates of upcoming volunteer events and plantings.

We offer community service hours for local students or corporations looking for volunteer opportunities.

Corporate or school groups interested in coordinating a volunteer day should contact us at info@riserockaway.org