Arverne East Native Plant Nursery

Join RISE in creating a new native plant nursery, to locally grow native shoreline plants for the coastal dunes of the Rockaway peninsula.

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Arverne East Native Plant Nursery

RISE is currently developing a new native plant nursery, seed bank, and educational garden in Arverne East at Beach 44th Street.

This spring, we will have our first planting to create the new education garden adjacent to the brand-new Arverne East Welcome Center. Community members, civic organizations, and local businesses are encouraged to come and help with the planting.

RISE just started hosting K-12 educational programs at Arverne East Welcome Center. Any schools that are interested in signing up their classes for a Living Classroom workshop at this site can register directly on our website.

Over the coming year, RISE will be hosting additional plantings for the native plant nursery, with the intent of growing native shoreline plants from seed, exclusively for "Greater  Rockaway" Coastal Resilience Plan. We encourage you to keep an eye out for future plantings on our Events calendar, to take part in these efforts.

Additionally, RISE has been training a team of local residents to assist with both maintenance and plantings for the dune restoration project and native plant nursery. If you are interested in being involved, e-mail us at