Rockspot NYC Community Network

is focused on raising awareness of local businesses and community events intended to build a strong network of individuals who can support one another on a daily basis and in the event of another storm or natural disaster.

introductory photo was established by RISE to support a strong local economy by giving local residents, businesses, and visitors access to important neighborhood news, social media and a community event calendar for destinations-of-interest. The network has already helped to boost foot traffic, promote safety and connect our community on a daily basis as well as in the event of another storm or natural disaster.

Rockspot NYC is managed by the RISE Digital Stewards high school interns who host all content, and social media as well as First Wave workshops with older adults in the community to teach them to use social media and technology on a daily basis so they are better prepared and have a local support network to rely on in the event of a future storm or natural disaster.

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