Success Stories

Success Stories

Meet the leaders who are stepping up and making a difference in their community.


of the young people who take part in our programs are going on to further their education in college or trade schools and are focused on careers in STEM related fields


Meet Eden, Shore Corps Leader

Eden is a Far Rockaway resident and currently serves as a RISE Shore Corps Leader.

Eden first joined RISE as a mentee in the Environmentor Program where she worked with professors from CUNY and Gotham Whale studying the morphology of the bottle nose dolphin off the shores of the Rockaway Peninsula. 

Eden has taken part in numerous projects related to environmental science as well as civic engagement and was one of the founding members of the community podcast, Rockaway Queens, to document projects led by and for women in the Rockaways. 

Eden is presently at Macauley Honors at City College majoring in Bioengineering.


Meet Ephraim, Educator

Ephraim first joined RISE as a student in the Shore Corps program and worked his way up the ladder each summer as a CIT and counselor in the Aqua 101 program.

Today, Ephraim is the lead educator for the Living Classroom and Aqua 101 programs, where teaches children lessons in marine science & environmental conservation.

Ephraim has an Associates Degree from Nassau Community College in Fire Science and is interested in pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Education. 

Meet Shamika, Parent & RISE volunteer

Shamika is a local Rockaway resident and has been a volunteer at RISE Farm Share, where she works with other members of the community to distribute healthy fresh produce and food. 

As a mother of eight children, she has enrolled her kids in RISE's summer and afterschool programs where she has seen the benefits it has given her family.

Shamika has played a critical role in her work with RISE, as an advocate for the local community to help support civic engagement and healthy living in the Rockaways.


Meet Daniel, former staff member

Daniel started in the Shore Corps program as a high school senior. Over many years, Daniel worked part-time at RISE as he completed his academic studies, to give back to his community and develop his management skills.

After graduating from NYU with a Bachelor's Degree in Urban Planning, Daniel returned to work full time as the Leadership Program Coordinator, where he helped to develop the Shore Corps Program as a four-year curriculum for high school students to develop their leadership skills.

Daniel left RISE in 2019 to pursue his Masters Degree in Architecture Preservation from Savannah College of Art & Desgin (SCAD). We wish him all the best with his studies. 

Meet Jocelyn, RWA Alum

Jocelyn is an RISE Alum who has been involved in RWA programs since 2013.

After Hurricane Sandy, Jocelyn had a desire to be more active in her community, and joining RISE was her way of doing so. As a RISE participant, she has participated in various community projects including Project Underway, First Wave, and dune restoration.

Jocelyn recently graduated from Yale University in 2021 with a focus on BioMedical Engineering and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Premed.