DOCUMENTARY: Everything is Different Now: Portrait of a Pandemic

This film is a compilation of written stories, photographs and videos developed by high school schools in NYC documenting their personal experiences during the pandemic. 

introductory photo

Young adults from the RISE Shore Corps Program worked with professional writers, filmmakers and photographers to learn to write and photograph their own personal experiences during the pandemic to capture a moment in time, unlike any other.

All of this work was done in the midst of the pandemic over the summer of 2020 through a series of remote classes and outdoor sessions  with professional mentors; writing coach Amy Sultan, photographer Matthew Septimus and film editor Nick Nehez.

The final film Premiered at the Rockaway Film Festival in November 2020, where it was virtually screened to the public for all to enjoy. 
Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the film including: Sam Henriques, LaFrae Sci, Amy Sultan, Matthew Septimus, Nick Nehez and Daniel Borrero. 
 and Q&A (below) with the filmmakers.