Take Care Rockaway Mental Health Resource Guide

RISE created a resource guide to increase awareness of existing mental health services in the Rockaways and reduce social stigma among people in need.

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We are excited to share our Mental Health and Wellness Resource Guide for the Rockaways. This guide was developed as part of the Take Care New York 2020 initiative.

 Acknowledging there is a high rate of unmet mental health needs in the Rockaways, RISE organized a community stakeholder group to regularly convene, pool local resources and information about existing mental health resources to build awareness and local support.

 The Mental Health and Wellness Resource Guide for the Rockaways was created to make the process of asking for help and receiving treatment in the community a little bit easier. The guide includes a service directory for outpatient services, immediate assistance services, and recreational care.

 Each social service listed in the resource directory contains a short description about the organization, contact information and easy to follow steps of what to expect when you reach out. Throughout the guide you will find tip sheets and educational resources. The map highlights noteworthy resources.

Click here to view the Resource Guide for Mental Health & Wellness in the Rockaways 

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