"Dune Squad" Invasive Plant Removal

RISE is the recipient of the 2024 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation grant to support a designated "Dune Squad" to remove invasive plants from the Rockaway shoreline and dunes.

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The grant was one of forty-three projects–and the only one in Queens County–to be awarded by Governor Kathy Hochul, as part of the $3 million Invasive Species Grant Program, administered by Bureau of Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health in New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Lands and Forests.

RISE’s work scope includes hiring and training a designated "Dune Squad" to assist with removing invasive plants from the dune area that is part of "Greater Rockaway" Coastal Resilience Plan.

"We are committed to protecting New York's waterways, forest lands, and agricultural crops from dangerous invasive species," Governor Hochul said. "This funding supports projects across the state that will help prevent the spread of invasive species in New York, protecting our natural resources, economy and public health from the negative impacts of this threat."

DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos said, “There is no single action that can address the threats invasive pests pose to New York’s environment. Simultaneous investments in researching control methods, actively managing invasive populations, addressing pathways for spread, and educating the public about invasive species, are essential for mitigation efforts."

Check out our upcoming dune clean ups and plantings on our Events calendar. To learn more about this work or to apply join our "Dune Squad," e-mail us at programs@riserockaway.org.