Project: Sew & Protect

Amid fears of the corona virus, people throughout the country have been sewing masks and protective apparel for people serving the public. The issue is how do you get your hand made beauties to people who need them most? This is where we are here to help!


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Project: Sew & Protect

RISE has kicked off a call to action to home sewers and DIYers to donate hand sewn protective apparel (masks, neck or hand gaiters), and we will take care of safely delivering them to people working on the front lines.

For home sewers in the Rockaways, Queens, NY, we will pick a minimum of 10 masks, neck gaiters or protective apparel from your door, package and deliver them directly to our contacts at health and public service facilities in the Rockaways. 

As a not for profit organization, we have a lot of volunteers and people looking to help with deliveries, distribution and direct outreach to hospitals, medical offices, clinics, food pantries, shelters or essential businesses in the Rockaways to ensure that your hand made items are delivered to the people who need them most. 

•  If you are an administrator/manager of a medical facility, or essential business in the Rockaways seeking protective apparel, please email to let us know the quantity you are requesting, and we will try to fulfill your order. 

•  If you are a sewer in the Rockaways, looking to donate your hand made protective apparel, please email us and we will follow up to schedule a pick up.

•  If you are a sewer anywhere in the US, looking to donate your hand made protective apparel, please email us and we will be in touch to see how we can accomodate a pick up or free shipping to our site. 

•  If you are a healthcare worker or volunteer who wants a mask or protective apparel at no cost, please email us and we will mail or deliver it directly to you. We can send up to 3 per person. 

In addition, to the delivery of masks and protective apparel, RISE also has virtual DIY sewing classes hosted by NYC fashion designers to teach people how to make their own protective apparel for themselves or loved ones with upcycled materials they have at home. Tune in Fridays at 2:15PM for our Zoom DIY Sewing Classes:

There is an army of people sewing at home and posting videos online, motivated by empathy and wanting to help. If we can manage a safe delivery method to connect that supply to individual medical personnel and facilities in the Rockaways this could accomplish a lot to give people on the front lines a level of protection to do their jobs and to know that how sewers throughout the country are grateful for their service.  
Thank you to everyone who has sewn and donated homemade protective apparel to date. We appreciate your efforts and hope this helps our community be safe and get through this difficult time. 
For more information or questions, please email us at: