In the midst of the crisis with the corona virus pandemic, we want to thank all health and public service workers, doing their job to support our community.  We will get through this thanks to you.

In response, we are doing what we can to lend support to those families, by launching virtual programs for youth and community members (worldwide) can do at home; expanding our farm share program to feed hundreds more in need, and a new initiative PROJECT: SEW & PROTECT to address the needs of our community in this dire situation.

Your donation helps us to provide these services for people, young and old, to keep our community safe and improve the health and well being of our community. 

As a 501c-3 charitable organization, we rely on the generosity of individual donors, foundations, corporations and government agencies to sustain our work. There is no better time to give. Help us to better serve our community in their greatest time of need. Please give now.

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